Technical Writing

We are the experts in technical writing processes by using topic-based authoring systems or unstructured authoring methods. We make content management super easy, and in compliance with the industry regulations. We offer customized technical writing services depending on the client's need, and with a prime focus on content structuring, mapping, metadata handling, and styling of the technical documents used in various industries.

The technical documents we create

Getting Started Guide
User Manual
Operator Manual
API and SDK Documentation
Administrator Guide
Maintenance Manual
Troubleshooting Guide
Online Help
Terminology and Taxonomy
Illustrated Parts List
E-learning Solutions

We have extensive experience in

Microsoft Word
Google Docs
Adobe InDesign
Adobe RoboHelp
Adobe FrameMaker
MadCap Flare
oXygen XML Author
oXygen XML Editor
Adobe FrameMaker
MadCap Flare
DITA Exchange

Document Migration

We understand that substantial unstructured documents cause legacy issues and lead to maintenance, redundancy, and versioning challenges. Metapercept has rich experience in migrating unstructured documents such as MS-Word, Unstructured Adobe FrameMaker, and Adobe RoboHelp content to structured formats like DITA-XML and DocBook. Metapercept can always meet your document migration needs by providing cost-effective and efficient solutions, thus increasing the ROI of your technical publication system. We follow a highly organized approach to migrating the document by implementing a structured change management strategy by implementing content analysis, information architecture, and content auditing.

Our detailed approach for data migration involves:

Discovery: We help you discover all the hidden data

Extraction: We extract data from its location to start the process

Transformation: We deep clean the accumulated data

Audit: We check the new data system

Indexing: We label metadata for better findability in an organized way

Metapercept follows an effective and efficient migration process. We can also replace or deploy additional systems required for data consistency without compromising data quality.

Structured Authoring

Metapercept is one of the industry leaders in offering structured authoring services for both IT and non-IT industry. In India, Metapercept is recognized as an end-to-end DITA-XML, DocBook, and S1000D based structured authoring service provider. Structured authoring makes the technical documentation process more manageable and meets the agile method to deliver technical documents for quick release cycles. With the implementation of structured authoring in your tech-pub, your organization can leverage information consistency, content reuse, and easy content management.

Structured authoring services we offer

Unstructured to structured content migration
Content cleanup and metadata application
Content labeling and keyword application
Develop taxonomies and terminologies
Customization and extension

Content Conversion

Metapercept offers a unique approach to convert your legacy content from unstructured-to-structured or vice-verse. Our expertise in creating content conversion parser is exceptional, and we have developed a niche in the conversion of text data to XML and structure the data based on custom XSD. Our content conversion services include content cleanup, content re-structuring, content layout designing, template formatting, and metadata handling. We convert your legacy content in an adaptive, streamlined approach.

Content conversion services we offer

Unstructured-to-Structured (DITA-XML and S1000D)
Microsoft Word, RTF, PDF, HTML to Unstructured FrameMaker
Single-sourced and reusable content migration
Information structure clean-up and improved content organization.

Editing and Proofreading

Metapercept offers advanced copywriting, editing, and proofreading services. Our experienced editors identify, review, and correct your content as per Grammar, Language, Style, and Implementation guidelines. Let it be any technical manual, case study, website content, or blog posts. We offer a wide range of editing and proofreading services from information architecture, content curation, and content strategy perspective.
We offer flexible and professional editing services on a full-time, contract, or ad-hoc basis.

We offer editing and proofreading services for

Technical Manuals
Website Content
Marketing Documents
Journal Articles
Scientific Papers
Thesis and Dissertations

Template Designing and Development

Metapercept extends its services for template designing and development to meet your technical publication requirements. We have expertise in creating PDF, Web, and Markdown templates, both the unstructured and structured documentation types. We analyze, design, and implement your choice of styles and designs that can meet the need for your corporate branding and increase your product market value.

Business benefits of using templates are

Dynamic content delivery content
Improved document navigation, look & feel
Improved corporate branding through documentation
Separation of publishing from authoring

Our template development services include

XSLT & CSS based template development
XSLT, XSL-FO based DITA-OT template development
S1000D based XSLT, CSS, DTD & Schema development
CSS, CSS3, & SGML based template development
DocBook based XSLT, DTD & Schema development
W3C XML Schema and XSD Definition

Knowledge Management System

Our extensive knowledge in designing and developing the Knowledge Management Services (KMS) will be an excellent knowledge booster for sharing and improving the product or services knowledge of your team. We build knowledge systems with improved content availability, increased content collaboration, and high user engagement. With all the knowledge resources at disposal, it helps us give a better user experience, and also provides a platform to measure the efficiency of your organization's resources.

We help you develop knowledge platforms

Foster a culture of learning & sharing your knowledge with peers and customers
Develop a collaborative platform to enable knowledge sharing with business partners
Develop a secure & scalable knowledge system across all devices & platforms
Generate customer interaction reports for knowledge base improvement
Eliminate the risk of knowledge gap & legacy content

Our KMS development services include

Document and file management
Role and user-based access control
Content collaboration
Content versioning
Rich media management
Approval and workflow management
Social media integration
Scalability for future upgrades