Metapercept offers a range of technical writing and authoring tools training. We have solid expertise in various authoring tools, content management solutions, documentation standards, and project management training. Metapercept is well-known for its high quality DITA-XML training across India, America, Asia and some parts of Europe.We are far beyond "professional training service", and are capable of delivering the most ambitious and complex DITA-XML training requirements by training on information structure, single-sourcing concepts and content re-use.

Our training process

  • Identifying training needs
  • Esablish specific objectives
  • Select appropriate methods
  • Implement training program
  • Evaluation & feedback

We offer training services for


Metapercept provide DITA-XML and technical writing training services to increased your team's productivity, reduce employee turnover, increase efficiency resulting in
financial gains and lower the need for supervision. Our training process involves:

Technical Writing Training

Technical Writing Basics
Technical Writing Advance

DITA-XML Training

DITA-XML Basic - Click Here for course module and
DITA-XML Advance - Click Here for course module

Authoring Tool Training

oXygen XML Author/Editor, Adobe Framemaker, ArborText Editor,
xMetal Editor

Technical Writing

Metapercept way of technical writing and technical documentation is customer centric. We understand the very importance and the key reason of technical documentation, which is to demonstrate the purpose of the product to the customers, in a way that they make the best use of it. To serve you the best we follow corresponding industry standards required for the technical documentation of your product.

  • S1000D

Technical writing is done in various formats when it comes to a complex product , like a software, an Electronic Component, Gadget, or any product. We give you the seamless documentation worded with knowledge and expertise in following formats:

  • User Manual
  • Operator Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Online/Web Help
  • Sales and Marketing Manual
  • Illustrated Parts List
  • E-Learning Solutions
  • Terminology and Taxonomy
  • Website-Content
  • Technical Blogs
  • Technical Articles
  • Press-Releases
  • Newsletters and Templates
  • Simulations
  • Technical Training Course Material
  • Product Catalogues
  • Process Flows
  • Reference Guides
  • White Papers
  • Instructions
  • Indices/Indexes

A product can serve best if it is explained best. At Metapercept we provide the best of that comprehensive reference of the product. So, talk to Technical Writers at Metapercept for your project today and boost your business exponentially with our expertise.


DITA XML has given another dimension to the concept of technical documentation and has hit the grounds with its newest approach towards automation and content management. We at Metapercept are providing hands-on training on DITA XML that will not only make you the first pick of the industry but also, places you amongst the most technology savvy Technical Writers. The DITA-XML Training at Metapercept proposes and delivers the best practices model which is well structured and follows a set standard. It empowers you with the required skill to construct a standardized structure for the topics, the lesson progression and the reuse of the content.

Now you would want to know, what is in it for you. The benefits of DITA-XML architecture are the benefits of this training too, which can prove to be really rewarding for you to meet your career goals.

Dita-xml certification

Here they are:

  • DITA-XML is becoming a one-stop technical publication solution around the globe as DITA based technical writing leverages the automated outputs and simultaneous deliverables. They are getting drawn towards DITA-XML architecture and looking out for trained professionals for the same.
  • DITA-XML supports simultaneous outputs in different formats. DITA based multiple deliverables can be achieved in different formats from a common source, automatically and the errors are on check beforehand which increases customer satisfaction tremendously.
  • DITA-XML provides a robust architecture for reuse and distribution of modular content. DITA-XML based technical documentation is scalable, requires low maintenance, allows content usage flexibility and is cost effective. The repackaging of the content and reusing it simultaneously enables you to manage your content in the most effective and result –oriented way.
  • DITA-XML proposes less duplication by using modular information system also known as content chunking, and also catching errors on time that reduces the chances of duplication of content. This approach increases the content quality and helps the company win its customers
  • DITA-XML is effective and cost efficient and proposes lesser maintenance, lower translation cost due to content reuse and thus it passes the cost-effectiveness test as well by providing a high ROI. Not only is it cost effective, many multinational companies are experiencing the benefits of DITA and have actually experienced a drastic upsurge in customer satisfaction levels after switching to DITA-XML based documentation.

In today’s scenario where every team is struggling to meet their tight schedules and multiple deliverables, a robust content authoring and management method is the need of the hour for every Technical Writer and Technical Publication System.
A well-trained Technical Writer with DITA-XML knowledge is high on demand. Thus, this becomes the best time to invest in yourself to enhance these skills. The DITA-XML training imparted at Metapercept Technology Services LLP will help you learn all the essentials of DITA-XML architecture and will enhance your technical skills with hands-on experience with industry standard DITA-XML authoring tools as well. So, if you want the expertise of DITA-XML to highlight in your portfolio, then choose experts in DITA-XML training. Choose us as we have a great track record in imparting DITA-XML training not only in India, but also across America, Europe and Australia.

For more details on DITA-XML training write us on:, else register with us for more details.

We have been providing DITA-XML services and solutions since 2010 and have benefitted many organizations with our services.
We would like to share that till now we have completed following DITA-XML training, implementation, migration, plugin development and consulting projects so far and numbers are still growing.

  • 200


  • 17


  • 24


  • 8


Soft Skills

We at Metapercept provide Soft Skills or People Skills training. In the world of tremendous competition it becomes essential to deal with the customers with the higher level of emotional intelligence. A training in soft skills comprises just that. If you undergo a detailed hands -on training in soft skills or communication skills, it enables you to have a better rapport with your customers and a rewarding customer relationship, in the end.

  • Good Manners
  • Optimism
  • Empathy
  • Ability to collaborate
  • Ability to Negotiate
  • Adaptability

If you want to win those lucrative deals along your customers, you can do just that, with the soft skill set that we provide. You can easily give a complete customer experience that will add value to your brand in the most positive way.

In any scenario, a formal training in soft skills will provide the required expertise to you in handling your clients. Almost every corporate house that understands the importance of a good customer relationship, believes in grooming their employees. An expert mentoring will not only brush up inter- personal skills, however, will also enhance the traits in you like time management, team spirit etc. We believe in providing the grooming and training that takes out the best in you and empowers you to take the graph of your career to the highest level.

So, book your session of Soft-Skill with Metapercept, we are just a call away.

AGILE and SCRUM Methodology

By including AGILE and SCRUM Methodology in our projects, we at Metapercept believe in getting the best out of Technology for you.

The Agile Methodology

  • It’s a software development methodology like any other, however, its key feature is that it responds swiftly to changes and thus is the most flexible methodology.
  • As the term suggests, AGILE means ‘ability to move quickly and easily’. We have included AGILE in our projects, to serve you with high-quality software development technique, to add to your business value.
  • Agile is quick, flexible and there is lesser documentation required in this process.
  • There are Iterations or Sprints in AGILE that defy the limitations of the changes to be made and adapt to the project needs. After every sprint, you can get the working feature of the software delivered.
  • You are in a better control of the state and time of the project when agile scrum methodology is in use.

The Scrum Methodology

  • It’s a light- weight process framework that is a subset of AGILE.
  • The Scrum Agile process helps your organization to increase and improve the quality of the deliverables.
  • It gives you the improved estimates in lesser time than it takes to be created.

Incorporating the newest technology makes our infrastructure robust enough to meet all your expectations. Here, by choosing Metapercept Technologies, you choose excellence. So, talk to our developers about your projects and enhance your business value today!

Agile & Scrums