Our project management solutions can help an enterprise apply best practices to improve their business performance. Our solution offers cost reduction initiatives, mentoring, methodology development, resource management, and systems integration deployment. We have hands-on experience with project management tools and version control systems that includes: Git, SharePoint, Infoshare, JIRA, Bugzilla, Confluence..and so on

Our Solution Offering Includes

  • Employing & managing resources
  • Scheduling tasks & deliverables
  • Controlling documentation budgets
  • Liaising with enterprise team members
  • Collaborating between Dev, QA, & Publishing team
  • Ensuring deliverables quality standards

Resource Management

Metapercept provides consultancy services for hiring and managing the technical writing staff for onsite, offsite, or client locations. We have rich pool of resources with very good experience in technical writing methods and hands-on experience in using various authoring tools.

Not only that we provide Technical Writers, but we ensure that Technical Writers that we allocate for your project must have apt domain knowledge and poses required technical skills.We ensure that before we allocate any resource for your work, a detailed scrutiny of key skills, domain knowledge, and attitude to work under pressure is available in that resource.

We provide consultancy services for employing and managing following job designations:

Documentation Projects

Technical Publication projects majorly happen in a collaborative environment and coordination in such projects becomes mandatory for any organization. Working in a collaborative environment helps any team work faster and smarter, but managing the team members across different geographical locations become equally challenging.

Any technical publication team working in a collaborative environment brings several challenges such as:

  • Work chaos due to no real time visibility into project & delivery timelines.
  • Work coordination, review, approval, & scheduling across team members.
  • Project tracking, management, work prioritization, change requests handling.
  • Individual Contractor/Consultant Ongoing document updates, maintenance, & ever changing requirements.

We at Metapercept not only understand Project Management, but we also understand the Document Development Life Cycle (DDLC) process that is highly required to manage a technical publication project.

Our technical publication project management solution can help you:

  • Eliminate work chaos by standardizing core technical publication process.
  • Plan review, approve, prioritize & schedule your documentation projects.
  • Collaborate with project stake holders & team members.
  • Identify training requirements for optimum resource utilization.
  • Track, manage, prioritize the work & handle frequent change requests.
  • Ensure on-time document delivery and meet with organization's goals.