This course focuses on what writers of buisness documents need to think and do differently to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently with DITA.You will learn just what you need to know about the DITA standard so that you can write valid DITA Topics and DITA Maps without having to learn any XML code.

Metapercept's DITA Trained Professionals Certification(DTPC) and DITA Advance Training for professionals (DATP) courses are essential training for Technical Writers, information Architects, Content Strategies and those who are either working on a DITA based documentatin project or planning to work on a DITA based project.

Advance course

DITA Trained Professionals Certification(DTPC)

Duration:16 hours

Introduction to DITA

  • Principles and Architecture
  • introduction to DITA topics
  • Defining Concept
  • Defining Task
  • Defining Reference
  • DITA Maps and Domains
  • Specialization in DITA
  • Information Modelling for DITA
  • Minimalist Documentation Strategies.

Introduction to XML

  • What is XML?
  • XML elements and attributes
  • XML documentation
  • Hierarchy of XML elements
  • Introduction to XML information Modelling
  • An overview of DTD
  • Learning XML terminology and syntax

Migration of legacy content to DITA

  • Steps and procedures
  • Implementation

Creating DITA projects

  • Steps and procedures
  • Implementations