Any organization's enterprise content solution is unique and managing them is a very tedious, time consuming and costly. You might be thinking of replacing your content management system, but unable to find the right solution.

Content Strategy Services

  • Content Audit and Analysis
  • Content Development
  • Content Editorial Planning
  • Content Management
  • Content Distribution
  • Content Measurement

Why collaborate with us?

  • Searcheable & reusable content development
  • Flexibile & scalable information structure
  • Portable content for easy content migration
  • Less maintenance & reduced cost overruns
  • Automated content migration & management process

Content modeling

Content models help you determine your organizational requirements, and identify the types of content and their inter-relationships. We can help you create content models that are adaptable and can cater to a wide range of contexts, platforms, devices, and channels.

Content modelling challenges that company's experience includes:

  • Transitioning to structured content from legacy content.
  • Consolidating multiple content sources.
  • Restructuring the existing information architecture.
  • Overhauling the existing content authoring, reviewing,
    publishing and deploying mechanism.

At Metapercept, we develop content models with an aim of unifying the customer experience and to allow the seamless flow of content across varied mediums and platforms.

Business Benefits

  • Develop vision
  • Ensure dynamic & adaptable content
  • Improve information availability
  • Widen distribution
  • Encourage re-usability
  • Ensure readiness for future requirements
content modelling

information architecture

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the art and science of planning the information storage, organization, and management. A good information architecture (IA) is core design of any content management, authoring, publishing, and distribution system. An IA must be cohesive and should bring all the principles of Content Authoring, Content Strategy, Document Architecture, Content Design, and Content Publishing.

Metapercept provides information architecture solution by channelizing the entire process of information architecture and management.

Our information architecture solution offering includes:

  • Strategic Business Assessment
  • Technology and Infrastructure Assessment
  • Technology in Trend Recommendations
  • Taxonomy/ Terminology Construction
  • Information Architecture Design
  • Enhance Single-Sourcing & Content Reuse
  • Design Scalable Information Architecture